Abrams Falls Washington County Virginia

Abrams Falls has always excited the imagination. The Cherokees believed  that the soul entered the afterlife by passing through a waterfall.  White settlers revealed what was in their hearts as well, but the falls  continues on its own course protected by its sheer inaccessibility.

About the falls

Located in Washington County Virginia, northwest of Bristol and  southwest of Abingdon, Abrams Falls is a 75’ plunge waterfall surrounded  by pristine wilderness. The riparian area provides habitat for flora  and fauna typical of the southern Appalachian highlands. A fragile  ecosystem, rare plants and animals have been identified by naturalists  in surveys over the years. Abrams Falls is the only large waterfall  still located on private land in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Due to  safety issues, the landowners limit hiking on the several properties  that comprise the Abrams Falls area to experienced hikers.